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Ryan Kombrink, Stevnsgade
Skrevet af: - Tidspunkt: kl. 21:22:05 - 26. juni 2002
Ryan Kombrink fra Stevnsgade lader tungen glide pa
Efter lang tids pause med interview, vil Åbyhøj prøve på igen at få nogle interviews med trænere eller spillere i Danmark
Det første af de nye interviews er lavet, og her Åbyhøj stillet Ryan Kombrink fra Stevnsgade 15 spørgsmål.

1) Er du tilfreds med hvordan Stevnsgade klarede sig i den forgangne sæson?
No, not at all. Looking at the results of our season, 16 wins 6 losses(4th), and taking into account the competitiveness of the league, one could argue that we had a decent year. However, success doesn’t always have to do with a won-loss record. We could have had an incredibly special year, but lacked that “Together” attitude which puts teams over the top. It was a frustrating and disappointing season.

2) Hvordan havde du det efter serien mod Åbyhøj? (tabte 1. kamp i sidste sekund, og var foran med 20 point i kamp 2)
Of course we felt terrible! However, we didn’t lose those games because of how we played on the given day, we lost them long before because we simply lacked the work ethic over the whole course of the year to deserve to win such close, important games. The fact that we were missing some key rolls became crystal clear in the two games- this is something that we have analyzed and addressed in our building up of our new team.
As for Åbyhøj being “underdogs”, no one will ever get me to buy that garbage. Åbyhøj had one of the only real complete teams last year, they had the absolute best point-guard and leader in Krone, two wonderfully hard-working Americans, and then a huge number of EXTREMELY talented Danish players, plus a club that is fantastic. I know how good guys like Alan Madsen, Jesper Michaelsen, Peder Linnet, Thomas Skotting, Anders Hejgård are- so playing the whole “Wow, we are such a surprise” doesn’t fly with me. Jesper Hvam should clear up the only real minus that team had, SIZE.

3) Hvordan ser du på Stevnsgades chance for at vælte "alliancen" af pinden?
I am thrilled with what we are doing at Stevnsgade. We have come along way in a very short period of time, and I think we have pieced together a terrific group for the coming year. We are still very much in the build-up phase of Skjold-Stevnsgade. As we all know, lasting success is not built overnight, so we have a long way to go until we are running optimally, but we are taking steps to improve and set new, high goals every year. I would like to see our youth programs flourish a bit more, and organization can always be improved, but we have something unique and powerful at Stevnsgade that is for sure.

4) Synes du det er godt for dansk basket at der kommer sådan en "alliance"?
I think that these “Alliances” are a must if basketball is going to move forward on the Elite level in Denmark. I personally think it can enhance the overall basketball experience for all involved. The best example of this isn’t so much the “Basketball Fællesskabet”, but what is happening with programs such as the BK Explorer in Århus, and the general attitude to basketball in the Århus area. Clubs such as my dear HEI can’t compete at the Elite level, but they can still be involved in producing talented players and great kids. The Elite clubs should be networking, and setting up umbrella-systems to involve the smaller clubs and take advantage of their priceless resources. That way we all win.

5) Stevnsgade har fået tilgang af Chanan Coleman fra BMS, som jo er en part af den nye "alliance" Hvad forventer du dig af ham?
We expect a lot from Chanan. He has the potential to be a fantastic player. Having said that, I must also emphasize that potential can be a cruel double-edged sword. Potential means nothing if that player is not willing to do the small, painful things it takes to reach their maximum. The best part with Chanan is that he is a good person. He has obviously a lot to learn about running a team, but he will get his chance, and I am pretty confident he will succeed. Chanan has only begun to scratch the surface of what he can be, but again he is the guy who holds the key.

6) Kan i undvære Waseem?
You don’t lose one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in Denmark and NOT miss them. We will miss Waseem and all he brings on and off the court. I realize that Waseem has had his deal of run-ins and problems over the years, which I am sure has lead to many basketball-fans negative opinions of the man- BUT what all those people don’t see is what that same man has done for those around him in Stevnsgade over a great many years. Waseem has done nothing but support me, and the build-up which we have been trying to produce. He will be sorely missed on our team. I hope that some day Waseem’s play will be judged on its merits- His legacy should be one of “Denmark’s Best Point Guard- EVER”.

7) Er der en ny amerikaner på vej til Stevnsgade?
No, not right now. Stevnsgade is based thoroughly on Danish talent. We feel like we have so many talented Danish players out there that the need isn’t necessarily there right now. We could use a bit more size up front, and have been in touch with a couple potential prospects, but neither would be brought here to Denmark solely as basketball players. It would actually be a move that would be made in connection with their own current jobs. We want to compete at the absolute highest level so doors will always be open to possibilities.

8) Hvem er din favorit til at vinde DM i den kommende sæson?
I think Bakken, Åbyhøj, and BF will be the front runners in an extremely competitive Jordan League. The loss of Buur and Hvam will hurt, but don’t be surprised to see Bakken take care of that problem. Åby is going to have to shed that whole “woe is me” attitude and realize that they are, and should be a favorite. BF has a lethal group that on any given day will beat anybody. It will be exciting to see what Americans they decide to bring in. We at Stevnsgade will do what we can to make things as unpleasant as possible for our opponents, but you don’t add 13 new players and begin talking about Championships. What I hope to see is a group that is willing to do everything FOR each other, and will work to make the year special and our club better. The wins will come…

9) Hvorfor er så mange spillere flyttet til Stevnsgade før den kommende sæson?
There are probably a lot of different factors that come into play- location, practice times, friends- but I think that one of the major reasons is the wonderful people that make up an incredibly exciting and ambitious club. Stevnsgade has great people. I probably pull the group down a bit, but on the whole we have people who give so much. Kim Rasmussen is a Stevnsgade treasure. Claus Fogde and Peter Rønhack ARE Stevnsgade. I think most people in the Danish Basketball community would be genuinely surprised by how close our club is and how much effort there has been put into getting things moving in the right direction by many, many people. I know that Stevnsgade has been the “badboy/girl” of Danish basketball for a long time, but those who care to look closely realize that it is a special place.

10) Hvad forventer du dig af holdet i den kommende sæson?
I expect a tremendous amount from the group we have put together. We have been very specific about who we wanted and why we wanted them. What I feel we have built right now is the start of something that could be huge. To play at the highest European level a basketball troop must consist of at least 16 qualified players who can push each other and give their talents over a long 8 month period. That has been very hard to achieve in Denmark because no one wants to sit and not play. However, players are beginning to realize that playing on mid-to-low level teams which have no chance to win in the long run isn’t the way to go. What we have now in Stevnsgade is real competition which will make us better every time we are together. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to people that Bakken wins 5 titles in row, they were the only team which had 16 guys to push them through to that level. Hopefully, the guys at Stevnsgade will understand that there is no way to have success from now on in Danish basketball without #1-#16 being involved, and playing their specific role as best they can.

11) Du har tidligere skrevet meget på Åbyhøjs hjemmeside omkring fremtiden i dansk basketball. Hvordan synes du den ser ud nu?
After being here such a long time, and in many different clubs and areas, Danish basketball has become very dear to me. It has hurt so much in the past to see Danish basketball shoot itself in the head so many times. I think basketball here has SO much potential, mostly because the people involved, from Lemvig to Stevnsgade, have a tremendous amount to give. It is now time that we look towards a new DBBF which has a lot to get in order, but at the same time will explode under new leadership. One area which I hope survives is the National teams for both Men and Women. I know it is a luxury, but man would it mean a lot to have success at that level.

12) Hvis du var formand for DBBF, hvad var så det første du ville gå igang med?
Obviously the economic situation must be addressed, and then the participant numbers must be increased dramatically, but I am so confident in Michael Piloz and the people around him, that I am not so worried about the future of Danish basketball. It is in much better hands than mine. PILOZ IS AWESOME in my book.

One thing I would like to see happen in the Jordan League is an East/West league. We now have 5 East teams and 5 West teams- The East teams would play each other 4 times, and the West the same. There would then be played home/away games between East and West teams. The playoffs would still take the top 8 teams however the winners of the two divisions would be automatically seeded 1 and 2, a la the NBA. 18 games over 8 months is too little to play high level basketball. This system, which is by no means foul-proof, increases the number of games to 24 and adds a bit of regionalism, and rivalry to the mix. Just an idea!

13) Har du nogen ambitioner om at vende hjem og være træner i USA?
I have just returned from the States where I spent a great deal of time with several high-level basketball programs. Coaching basketball in the US has everything to do with connections, and after having been in Denmark so long, I don’t have many. To become an Assistant Coach at the DI level means selling yourself and all you can offer that particular head coach. I have learned a tremendous amount here in Denmark, which I know gives me a huge advantage. I have been lucky to meet some talented coaches in the past weeks, so yeah, I think that it could be a real possibility in the future, however there is a ridiculous amount of competition. But then again I love to compete!

14) Hvor langt tror du Christian Drejer kan nå?
Christian will make it as far as his heart will take him. Again, the best part of Christian is that he is a terrific guy, who has his head screwed on straight. He is without a doubt an NBA player, but I hope he goes to college and takes the whole US by storm. I think he has that inside him. He is a special person. I hope the best for him.

15) Hvad skal du lave i sommeren?
Prepare for an exciting year, and take care of a couple exams which were pushed back by my USA trip. Our style of play will obviously change a bit when we add what we have added, so we have our work cut out for us to get our group up and running for next year. I think we will be pretty fun to watch!
Then i’m going to Midtfyns Festival with Peter Madsen and some other guys from HEI.